Cash Pricing

Cash Pricing

Desert Spine and Sports Physicians offers cash pricing for selected services. Full payment must be made in advance of receiving services. These services are not billable to health insurance. Additionally, these services are not applicable to your deductible. We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards.

As physicians, we understand that the financial aspects of healthcare can be complex and intimidating. As part of our commitment to patient-centered care, Desert Spine and Sports Physicians strongly believes in price transparency for our patients. We provide clear and upfront pricing information so patients can make well-informed healthcare decisions without worrying about unexpected costs. This transparency also extends to insurance coverage and billing practices.

Our dedication to price transparency aligns with our commitment to empowering patients to take an active role in their health journey. It also fosters trust and demonstrates our commitment to honesty. By ensuring that patients are fully aware of their financial responsibilities, we help them confidently navigate the healthcare system.


Office Visits:

In Office Consult: $300
In Office Follow Up: $175
Telemedicine Consult: $250
Telemedicine Follow Up: $150
Electrodiagnostic Testing: $450


Regenerative Injections:

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): $900 (one side), $1600 (both sides)
Prolotherapy: $500-775 per session (ask Provider directly)


Spine Procedures:

(*note all under Fluoroscopy)

Epidural Injections:

Interlaminar Epidural Steroid Injection: $550
Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injection: $550
Selective Nerve Root Block: $550

Facet Procedures:

Steroid Injection (C1-2 or Cervical/Thoracic/Lumbar Facets): $550
Facet Aspiration (when Epidural injection covered): $350
Medial Branch Block – 1st & 2nd levels: $550 (one side or both sides)
Medial Branch Block – add 3rd level: $100 (one side), $175 (both sides)
Radiofrequency Ablation – 1st & 2nd levels: $650 (one side), $1100 (both sides)
Radiofrequency Ablation – add 3rd level: $175 (one side), $300 (both sides)

Sacrum and Coccyx Procedures:

Sacroiliac Joint Steroid Injection: $350 (one side), $500 (both sides)
Sacroiliac Joint Lateral Branch Block: $575 (one side), $650 (both sides)
Sacroiliac Joint Lateral Branch Ablation: $725 (one side), $1250 (both sides)
Sacro-coccygeal Joint Injection: $350
Sacro-coccygeal Joint Injection with Impar Block: $450
Impar Block: $450


Advanced Procedures:

Kyphoplasty: $7500
Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial: $2500


Bertolotti Pseudoarticulation Injection: $350 (one side), $500 (both sides)
Blood Patch: $550
Conscious Sedation (Versed): $75

Joint/ Tendon/Muscle/Peripheral Nerve Injections:

Carpal Tunnel:

Ultrasound, $250 (one side), $350 (both sides)

CMC Joint (Thumb Joint):

Ultrasound, $250 (one side), $350 (both sides)

De Quervain’s:

Ultrasound, $250 (one side), $350 (both sides)


Elbow Joint:

Ultrasound, $250 (one side), $350 (both sides)
Fluoroscopy, $350 (one side), $500 (both sides)

Lateral/Medial Epicondyle (Wrist Extensor/Wrist Flexor Tendons):

Ultrasound, $250 (one side), $350 (both sides)


Hip Joint:

Ultrasound, $250 (one side), $350 (both sides)
Fluoroscopy, $350 (one side), $500 (both sides)

Greater Trochanter (Bursa/Gluteal Tendon):

Ultrasound, $250 (one side), $350 (both sides)

Iliopsoas (Hip Flexor Tendon):

Ultrasound, $250 (one side), $350 (both sides)
Fluoroscopy, $350 (one side), $500 (both sides)

Intercostal Nerve Block:

Fluoroscopy, $400


Knee Joint:

Steroid, Ultrasound, $250 (one side), $350 (both sides)
Viscosupplementation, Ultrasound, $350 (one side), $550 (both sides)

Genicular Nerve:

Block, Fluoroscopy, $450 (one side), $650 (both sides)
Ablation, Fluoroscopy, $550 (one side), $800 (both sides)

Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve Block:

Ultrasound, $250 (one side), $350 (both sides)

Occipital Nerve Block:

$150 (one side), $200 (both sides)

Plantar Fascia:

Ultrasound, $250 (one side), $350 (both sides)


Ultrasound, $250 (one side), $350 (both sides)
Fluoroscopy, $350 (one side), $500 (both sides)

Pubic Symphysis:

Fluoroscopy, $350


Subacromial (Rotator Cuff):
Ultrasound, $250 (one side), $350 (both sides)

Glenohumeral (Shoulder Joint):
Fluoroscopy, $350 (one side), $500 (both sides)

Sympathetic Nerve Blocks:

Stellate Ganglion/Cervical, Fluoroscopy, $600
Lumbar, Fluoroscopy, $600

Trigger Finger:

Ultrasound, $250 (one), $350 (two)

Trigger Point:

1-2 muscle groups: $150
3+ muscle groups: $200