Prolotherapy Solutions in Arizona

What Is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a regenerative treatment that stimulates the body’s natural healing process to treat musculoskeletal pain and injury. This natural, non-surgical therapy involves the injection of an irritant solution into damaged tissue which triggers the body’s inflammatory response and encourages the growth of collagen in the affected areas. This process helps promote strengthening of ligaments and tendons, which leads to joint stability, pain relief, and improved function.

Benefits of Prolotherapy Injections

  • Natural and non-surgical: By stimulating the body’s innate healing mechanisms, prolotherapy addresses the underlying cause of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction rather than merely masking the symptoms.
  • Pain reduction: As the treated area heals and the connective tissues strengthen, patients often experience significant, lasting relief from pain.
  • Improved function: Renewing strong, healthy tissue leads to joint stability, mobility, and overall functionality.

Prolotherapy Solution Components

The solution used in prolotherapy typically consists of three main components:

  • Lidocaine: A local anesthetic that helps minimize discomfort during the injection process.
  • Saline: A sterile salt solution that serves as a carrier for the active ingredients.
  • Dextrose: A form of glucose which acts as an osmotic agent, causing cells to lose water and lyse or break, leading to inflammation and the initiation of the healing response.

Prolotherapy injections often use dextrose because it helps your body heal itself. Dextrose acts like a trigger, telling your body to build new tissue. If you’re allergic to corn (where dextrose comes from), we can use a different type of injection instead.

Preparing for Prolotherapy Injections

Before getting prolotherapy injections:

  • Stop taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen or naproxen, for at least 7days before treatment because they can disrupt your body’s healing process.
  • Drink plenty of water, which helps with healing and reduces side effects.

Aftercare for Prolotherapy

After prolotherapy injections, it is normal to feel sore for several days. Patients should follow these aftercare instructions to optimize their healing:

  • Take it easy for a couple of days: Rest and avoid strenuous activities to give your body a chance to start healing.
  • Slowly get moving again: After the first 48 hours, you can begin some light stretching exercises and gradually resume your normal activities. 
  • Continue to avoid anti-inflammatory meds: Don’t take NSAIDs like ibuprofen or naproxen as they can slow healing. Your doctor will tell you when to safely resume these medications.
  • Take Tylenol for pain: Use Tylenol/Acetaminophen for pain relief if needed.
  • What about ice or heat? Try to avoid using ice during the recovery period, but you may start using heat after the initial soreness has subsided.

Cost of Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy is not covered by insurance providers, as it is considered an investigational treatment. However, many patients find the potential long-term benefits of strengthened ligaments and tendons, improved joint function and decreased pain well worth the investment.

At Desert Spine & Sports Physicians, the cost of prolotherapy treatments can vary based on the specific condition being treated and the number of injections required. We work with patients to develop personalized treatment plans to determine how many injections will be needed to achieve the desired outcome.

Why Choose Prolotherapy in Arizona with Desert Spine & Sports Physicians

Desert Spine & Sports Physicians is a leading provider of prolotherapy solutions in Arizona, with a team of skilled and experienced physicians dedicated to delivering exceptional care. We take a comprehensive approach to prolotherapy, thoroughly evaluating each patient’s unique condition and tailoring the treatment plan accordingly.

With a commitment to staying at the forefront of regenerative medicine, our providers receive specialized training in advanced prolotherapy techniques, ensuring the highest standard of care. Patients can trust our expertise and commitment to helping them achieve long-lasting relief from musculoskeletal pain and improve their overall function.

Getting Started with Your Treatment

Interested in exploring prolotherapy as a potential solution for your musculoskeletal pain or injury? The first step is to schedule an appointment with Desert Spine & Sports Physicians.

During your initial consultation, our experienced providers will thoroughly evaluate your medical history, perform a physical examination, and discuss your treatment goals and expectations. We recommend bringing any relevant medical records, diagnostic reports, and a list of your current medications.

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