Congratulations to Dr. Susan Sorosky and Dr. Brad Sorosky, Top Doc 2024 Winners

Desert Spine and Sports Physicians are thrilled to announce that Dr. Susan Sorosky and Dr. Brad Sorosky have been recognized as 2024 Top Doctors by PHOENIX Magazine! This prestigious Top Doctor award acknowledges the exceptional skill and dedication of Valley physicians chosen by their peers.

Dr. Susan Sorosky has been named a Top Doctor in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, receiving the highest number of votes in this category. This recognition reflects Dr. Sorosky’s unwavering commitment to providing her patients with the most advanced and effective non-surgical treatments for spine and musculoskeletal conditions.

As a board-certified physiatrist (PM&R specialist), Dr. Sorosky’s philosophy emphasizes treating the whole patient, not just the symptoms, to facilitate recovery and prevent future injury.

Dr. Brad Sorosky has also been named a Top Doctor in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, further solidifying Desert Spine and Sports Physicians’ expertise in this field. Additionally, Dr. Sorosky has been recognized as a Top Doctor in Pain Management. This dual recognition highlights his comprehensive approach to patient care, showcasing his dedication to providing non-surgical pain management solutions.

A board-certified physiatrist specializing in spine and musculoskeletal injuries and pain management, Dr. Sorosky focuses on understanding the underlying causes of pain and implementing effective treatment plans to restore function and improve quality of life.

A Team Effort

While these awards celebrate Dr. Susan Sorosky and Dr. Brad Sorosky’s individual achievements, it’s important to acknowledge the incredible team at Desert Spine and Sports Physicians. Our musculoskeletal and pain management experts in Arizona help patients achieve lasting wellness at any age. Their dedication, expertise, and collaborative approach are the foundation of the exceptional care provided to every patient.

Experience Our Patient-Centric Care

At Desert Spine and Sports Physicians, we are committed to offering our community unparalleled expertise in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and pain management. Our mission is to create an environment that empowers each patient to achieve a healthy lifestyle by delivering non-surgical spine and musculoskeletal care with proven outcomes focusing on restoring function. If you struggle with spine pain, sports injuries, or musculoskeletal concerns, contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the Desert Spine and Sports Physicians difference.